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GNR Testimonials

Scott O. ~ St. Bonaventure School

It's my pleasure to recommend Gerald Cote for dance instruction. Gerald has provided dance instruction for the Jr. High Phys. Ed. classes at schools that I have taught at for almost 10 years. The students have enjoyed their instruction with Gerald, and have come to look forward to our dance unit with him every year. He has a great rapport with both students and staff. He is professional, dependable and incredibly hard working and his knowledge of dance and expertise in dance instruction was a huge asset to our Phys. Ed. program. Without a doubt, I would confidently recommend Gerald as a resource for Dance Instruction, be it for one class, one week, or beyond.


Heather C. ~


I was fortunate enough to dance a ProAm routine with Gerald at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. Working with Gerald was a complete joy and his patient instruction helped me achieve results I never thought possible. His enthusiasm for dance and his genuine care for his students is second to none. Gerald is a true professional in every sense of the word, while also managing to infuse a great deal of fun into the work that gets done. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Gerald as their instructor!!

Cathy R. ~

I grew up loving music, but not knowing how to dance or move my body to the rhythm. When I met Gerald, he was so patient and understanding, and never let me feel out of place. Through private and group lessons I gradually built my confidence and ability such that I could participate in group dances. Gerald is always so upbeat and fun to dance with. Always making me shine, and not just showing off his amazing talent!  Would recommend Gerald as a dance instructor for any age!!

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