Gift Certificates

Looking for a thoughtful and exciting way to surprise your family, friends or co-workers with a unique gift? GNR Dance gift certificates are easy, convenient, and affordable and for many people. Learning to dance is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Introductory Special for Couples or Singles - Save 50%

This is the best way for brand new people to start taking dance lessons. This package consists of 2 Private Lessons. We’ll introduce them to the basics of a variety of dances based on the music they wish to dance to. You can learn Ballroom, Latin, Swing or Country.

$94.50 per single or couple incl. GST


Last Minute Wedding Special  - Save 5%

This package is designed for those who are very short of time and want to feel comfortable dancing in front of their guests. Our instructors are excellent in getting you ready in a hurry. 4 Private Lessons.

$340.20 per single or couple incl. GST

Magic Moment Wedding Special - Save 10%

This is a great package for those who wish to be absolutely ready for their first dance. They will polish their dance skills and learn more dance moves then the previous package that will make their first dance the perfect moment they have been looking for. 8 Private Lessons.

$642.60 per single or couple incl. GST

Rocking the Reception Wedding Special - Save 15%

This is the best package for those who wish to create a completely exceptional first dance. We will choreograph and create a dynamic and exciting showcase dance that will surely be unforgettable by cutting music, prepare them for dips and tricks and coordinating a theme that will surely wow the guests. 12 Private Lessons

$907.20 per single or couple incl. GST

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