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Dance Lessons in Squamish

Welcome to GNR Dance. We enjoy putting fun in your life! Taking dance lessons & group classes with your spouse or friends could possibly be the most joyful activity you can do and you don't have to be nervous anymore. We promise we will take great care of you.

With over 25 years of experience in teaching beginners to advance and social  to competitive dancers, we know how to make it fun and easy. We offer all levels of private lessons and dance classes in Ballroom, Latin, Country or Swing. We can get you ready for any event, date or party you have planned so you can dance the night away. Start with private lessons or group classes, whatever works for you.

Gerald & Robin invite you to come join the fun and learn to dance. You'll be glad you did.

Call Now or Click to Book Online 604-849-2851

Are you a beginner? No problem, that's where everyone starts. We enjoy teaching dance to those who are brand new and enthusiastic about learning. Watching students develop from not knowing how to dance to ripping it up on the dance floor is why we teach. Taking dance lessons and classes for some is the best decision they could ever make. Learning a new skill like dance can improve many areas of life by increased confidence, increased agility,  increased memory and increased enjoyment with friends and family.

Beginner Dance Lessons

It has been shown now through studies that learning to dance can even slow or prevent dementia. Dancing is one of the best activities for any age because of it's physical, mental, social and challenging properties. Click here for more info on how to start taking beginner dance lessons...

Wedding Dance Lessons

Congratulations, we are so excited for you. Being in love and having found a spouse to share a journey with is such an incredible feeling. It is for that reason we would love to help you get ready for your first dance. As you prepare for that day, we understand that it is our job to make it even more perfect then you have imagined. Wedding dance lessons are something we take very seriously as you deserve the best. Dancing in each other’s arms in a loving embrace, gazing in each other's eyes poised

and confident with no care in the world is the perfect moment we aim to create. Taking wedding dance lessons is the best way to guarantee your first moment together is perfect. These moments are even more fun when you’re relaxed and confident because you know how to dance. We guarantee our wedding dance lessons are the best there is to offer in Squamish. Click here for more details on how to start taking lessons...

Swing Dance Lessons

If you’re serious about dancing and would like to compete, we can help. We train and teach students of all ages to become their best and compete in various dance competitions all over the world. We believe you can be your best, work hard and achieve your goals while having a good time. Having a good time is why we dance.

We would love to share our passion for dance in a fun and inspiring way. It doesn't matter if you’re doing drills, arm styling or just working hard learning a dance routine for an upcoming competition, you will be rewarded in what you will achieve and have a great time doing it. There is no need to be nervous, we are here for you. Click here for more details

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